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Java file upload applet is a reliable, client-side multiple file/folder upload/download control that solves
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9 December 2011

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Are you hunting for a reliable client-side controlled Java applet? For webmasters and developers EAJavaUpload is a unique solution to solve both typical and difficult tasks like controlling of multiple files and folder upload/download options. This applet contains highly personalized interface that allows it to integrate in already exiting design. It provides complete management of process like uploading frame and user interface. It runs in client side and is compatible with maximum server side platforms like ASP, JSP, Perl and PHP. The best part about this applet is the fact that its behavior can easily be controlled by the developer according to the need of the application.

EAJavaUpload 1.0 carries protocols for file transfer like HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/FTPS which made it widespread famous. It sends files to side of server in fulfilment with RFC 1867. Uploading via this software can be done with three modes like: Uploading all files with only one request, sometimes separate request are needed for each file and in third one uploading takes place in small chunks. It provides other marvelous features like: from users file system it can drag and prop files. On client side it provides options for previewing images. Further the applet can seamlessly access elements of the selected files like file name, file modification date and file size. In addition it also provides specific descriptions of every file like total count, extension and total size. Besides being a versatile tool it also boasts of host of other features such real time status of the uploading process, predefined GUI themes and cross browser compatibility.

EA JavaUpload comes across as a valuable reusable component for web developers looking to enhance their programs. The applet earns a respectable score of four points on account of the flexibility it offers to developers and the extent of valuable development time it can save.

Publisher's description

EAJavaUpload is a client-side control based on java applet. It provides advanced fucntionality for uploading multiple files and folders. Highly customizable GUI allows to integrate control into existing solution design. The java file uploader provides advanced javascript api which allow developer to manage applet behaviour.
EAJavaUpload sends files to the server in compliance with RFC 1867 (form-based file upload). There are three upload modes: 1. All files in one request; 2. Each file in separate request. 3. Chunked upload - files are uploaded to the server by small chunks. Upload by chunks provides an ability to restore broken uploads. Java file uploader supports HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/FTPS files transfer protocols that makes it a most universal upload control. There are many others advanced features such as: drag&prop files directly from user's file system, preview images on the client-side, ability to download multiple files, access to attributes of selected files (file name, size, modification date etc.), allows you to define a specific description for each file, conditionaly file selection based on variuous custom filters(extension, size, total size, total count), display rich status information about the uploading process, cross-browser compatibility, tree predefined GUI themes.
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